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Procurement Advisory

Procurement Advisory

The role of Procurement in the enterprise has evolved. Today, strategic business partners and trusted advisors of CXOs and procurement leaders are expected to work closely with the C-suite to avoid risks, form a competitive advantage that facilitates enterprise growth. With a smart procurement approach, organizations can reduce a purchasing cost base and deliver additional annual savings to any company. Across your business, effective and efficient procurement is vital for the most part in the current economic environment.

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Procurement Planning and Strategy
Sourcing Management
Contracts Management and Administration
Purchasing and Expediting
Procurement Modernization
Procurement Audits
Statement of Requirements and Call Documents
Evaluation Methodologies, Processes, and Procedures
Compliance with Procurement Directives, Rules, and Regulations
Compliance with New Trade Agreements

Why Dynamic Labz

Our Consulting and Management procurement services provide our clients with the experience and resources that are effective for capital project procurement. We facilitate the implementation of an effective procurement process based on your capital project that involves utilizing professional procurement personnel. They can identify and prepare a clear procurement road map for your project, so you streamline your business processes. Whether it is a one-time requirement or full management, we provide a full range of management and consulting services from project initiation to close-out when and where you need it most. Procurement for Federal/State Government and Private Sector projects

You can put a compass in somebody’s hands, but they’ll get lost if they don’t know how to read it. We give you the compass and teach you how to use it. And when you’re ready to implement your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, we ensure you reach your destination within budget and time to achieve your goals with quality.

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