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PMO Setup

PMO Setup

In this highly competitive industry, from early product or service planning towards commercial launch, success often depends on the ability to expedite initiatives or products. To keep up with the market, pace requires an organized and disciplined Project Management Office that supports the execution effectively. PMO is a strategic component of an organization that is looking for ways to improve its business processes to deliver projects that bring value to the organization. However, many organizations struggle to overcome the challenges of creating and maintaining a top-notch Project Management Office. The main reason is the organizational demands exceed its ability and expertise as per the variable need to scale and diversify a PMO.

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Effective Project Oversight and Governance are needed to maintain the alignment of project objectives with an organization’s goals. They ensure that major stakeholders are provided with the reliable, relevant, and timely information needed to make critical decisions. When combined with effective Portfolio Management, our clients are able to minimize risk and standardize the efficient delivery of projects that meet business needs. Dynamic Lab's approach to Project Oversight, Governance, and Portfolio Management will establish and improve your project portfolio management tools and processes so that you can accurately evaluate, prioritize, and execute projects that support your organization’s strategy and yield the highest ROI. Our flexible model enables the PMO as business needs grow or change to scale up or down or even shift direction all while continuing to drive performance. Our PMO will embed discipline and efficient processes in your organization.

You can put a compass in somebody’s hands, but they’ll get lost if they don’t know how to read it. We give you the compass and teach you how to use it. When you’re ready to implement your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, we ensure you reach your destination within budget and time to achieve your goals with quality.

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