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Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing helps to unify customer information by providing marketing automation features that include lead scoring, customizable email templates, Customer segmentation, Event management, and many more, that allow their users to create their own personalized customer journeys as modern marketing is all about ‘Personalization”. Increase customer demand for your products and services, create seamless customer experiences, and improve marketing results with multichannel campaigns, nurture sales-ready leads, and planning and tracking tools that integrate with your existing apps and services. Create seamless customer experiences through marketing automation, shared data, and processes connected to Dynamics 365 Sales.

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Orchestrate customer journeys to create a stronger buyer pipeline

  • Personalize buyer experiences
  • Run meetings and webinars
  • Attract the right prospects
  • Create campaign assets quickly
  • Run business unit–level marketing

Align sales and marketing

  • Create a single view of prospects
  • Identify, target, and close top accounts
  • Grow and influence your customer pipeline
  • Track and prioritise leads
  • Simplify collaboration

Make informed decisions

  • Test and choose the right content
  • Use simple words and natural language
  • Prioritize leads
  • Improve marketing effectiveness
  • Better understand customer needs

Grow with an adaptable platform

  • Adapt marketing to your needs
  • Easily integrate data
  • Enhance marketing campaigns
  • Market globally
  • Add custom channels

Why Dynamic Labz

Our consultants specialize and have successfully implemented Dynamics 365 Marketing for Event Management, Campaigns, Customer Journey, reporting, dashboards, tailored workflows, email marketing, Omnichannel implementation, Voice of Customer, LinkedIn integration and social media insights. Make the best of your investments in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing with our expert Dynamics 365 team.

You can put a compass in somebody’s hands, but they’ll get lost if they don’t know how to read it. We give you the compass and teach you how to use it. And when you’re ready to implement your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, we ensure you reach your destination within budget and time to achieve your goals with quality.

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