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Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the ideal out-of-the-box business solution for small and medium-sized businesses as well as startups that intend to advance their digitalization and are looking at the same time for comprehensive ERP capabilities, a seamless integration of the Microsoft Office and Dynamics ecosystem, and a future-proof business platform. Dynamics 365 Business Central Highly is adaptable and rich with features that enable companies to manage their business, which includes manufacturing, finance, sales, project management, shipping, services, and many more. Unlock productivity and business insights with Microsoft Dynamic 365 and make better decisions quicker with embedded guidance, dashboards, and interoperability.

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Adapt as your business grows

  • Take your business on the go
  • Choose cloud or on-premises
  • Be ready for growth
  • Store and transmit data across your systems
  • Extend the solution with industry-specific apps
  • Tailor the software to your needs

Work smarter and faster

  • Get insights within the flow of business
  • Drive continuous process optimization
  • Automate workflows and processes
  • Connect your data with Microsoft 365
  • Respond to inquiries faster

Streamline financial management

  • Take control of financial data
  • Expand into global markets
  • Accelerate financial closing and reporting
  • Monitor financial performance
  • Make more profitable financial decisions

Accelerate sales processes

  • Prioritize leads based on revenue potential
  • Offer flexible pricing and discounting
  • Deliver on promised customer outcomes
  • Improve cash management

Why Dynamic Labz

Designed for small and medium businesses, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is a fully integrated enterprise management solution that will allow you to grow at your own pace, improving your strengths and optimizing your time and resources to the maximum, increasing your Processes. Its implementation is fast and efficient, allowing integration with Microsoft Office applications and other legacy systems in your company. Its strengths include financial management, production, distribution, relationship management, services, e-commerce and analysis. Dynamics 365 Business Central is a complete SaaS offering that eliminates the usual effort for implementation, maintenance, and updates. At the same time, Business Central significantly simplifies the modernization of existing legacy systems.

You can put a compass in somebody’s hands, but they’ll get lost if they don’t know how to read it. We give you the compass and teach you how to use it. And when you’re ready to implement your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, we ensure you reach your destination within budget and time to achieve your goals with quality.

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